The face naturally begins to lose volume as you age. You might notice that your cheeks are a little less full, or you have hollows under your eyes or some wrinkles. One way to combat these changes is by using a dermal filler you likely already have in your own body - fat.

What’s Fat Transfer to the Face?

Fat transfer to the face is a minimally invasive technique where fat from another part of your body is transferred to your face to help smooth wrinkles, fill in cheeks, and underneath the eyes.

Our trusted specialists will harvest the fat from another location on your body — usually your abdomen or buttocks, then use liposuction to extract it. The fat is then strategically transferred to your face to give you an effective, natural-looking result.

It's important to note that fat has to develop a blood supply to survive in its new location. Usually, about half of it survives. So, it's possible that multiple fat transfer procedures will be needed to get the results you want.

Depending on the number of areas to be treated, the whole process of transferring fat to the face can take anywhere from 15 minutes to about an hour.

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