Even with top-of-the-line implant surgery, a woman's breasts continue to change shape as she ages and gains or loses weight. If you're unsatisfied with the look, feel or size of your current breast implants, you have options for removing, replacing or revising them.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to change or even remove your breast implants. Some common reasons include:
  • Wanting to change the size of your breasts
  • Concern over the implants moving
  • Pain or discomfort

What’s Breast Implant Removal?

In breast implant removal surgery, an incision is made and the implant is taken out. You may also decide to have a breast lift to further enhance the look of your breasts. 

What’s Breast Implant Replacement and/or Revision?

In a breast replacement or revision, an older implant is replaced by a new one. The patient may be seeking a change in size or a switch from silicone to saline (or vice versa) implant. Again, a breast lift may also be performed at the same time to help create your desired look.

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